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"Do what you love, We'll take care of the lawn"


Do you feel stressed about how much work it takes to maintain a beautiful lawn? We propose an alternative! Spend time with your friends and family doing what you love. And, we'll take care of the lawn.

Freeing up a few hours of your week could be one of the best decisions you make. Spending time doing what you love with your friends & family reduces stress, extends your life, and improves your mental and physical health.   Are you ready? Read on!


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"JMK has been our landscaping provider for the past four years. Their attention to detail and efficiency is outstanding. The value of the service is fantastic, and we highly recommend the company!" Casey Roland


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About JMK Lawn Service

I started JMK when I was 12 by pushing my mower and a trimmer from client to client. As I began to grow, I built a bike trailer, which was a huge step! Now have a truck, trailer, and I am ready tor the new season to start!    

Company policies – We, as a company, are here to make our clients' lives easier. We give our clients the time to do what they love in life, instead of mowing the lawn.      

Jayden Kazantsev - Founder & CEO
When I started my business, it was to make a little bit of money so I could buy candy, but now it's morphed into something much more. The experiences alone make this amazing. I love meeting new people, having all learning moments & growing pains of building a business from the ground. Also, I have the goal of leaving this world a little bit better than how I found it.
What I do when I'm not working on JMK
Currently, I am a Junior at Monarch High School in Louisville CO and very involved in the High School of Business Program there. I intend to continue my business in college and beyond. I also work at Pica's Taqueria in Louisville, and I love it. I also play ultimate frisbee, love mountain biking, skiing, rock climbing, hiking, and playing the double bass. 



Why should I do the Spring Rejuvenation Plan?
The spring rejuvenation plan is the perfect choice to make sure that your grass stays healthy throughout the hot and dry days ahead. We know that the results matter, that's why we make sure to use the highest quality of local grass seed from our friends BBBSeed in Boulder.

What is Aerating & Overseeding?
Aerating is the process of poking the ground and pulling up plugs. The removal of a plug during aeration relieves soil compaction while increasing gas exchange and water availability to the roots.
Overseeding is the process of putting grass seed on a pre-existing lawn. This is important to help promote a healthy lawn. Grass has a life span of 45-60 days, and the older it gets, the harder it is to reproduce new grass. Overseeding makes sure there is a constant supply of healthy grass in your lawn.

How often should my lawn be mowed?
The most common type of grass, bluegrass, should be mowed every 3-4 days in the Spring, and 7-10 days when growth is slowed by heat. 

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